Rudina’s health update


Friends, first all, let me express my deep gratitude for your notes of care and love, I apologize I have not been able to write you back.

The first days at the camp were quite a challenge, as the pain of my chest was stabbing and very sharp. It was such a challenge to breathe, and I did not have energy to walk long distances because of poor breathing. When I decided to go to the camp, I did talk with the doctor about it and if I could go. She gave me medications and also told me what to be aware of to seek medical help. Praise God there was no need for it. The pain started to reduce by the third day.

I went to see my doctor right after we got back from the camp. The thyroid’s values were within the norm but very close to the upper limit, thus she started me on a low dose of hormones in order to prevent inactivity of the thyroid and a surgery to remove them.

This journey with the thyroid inflamation has been quite a challenge in terms of health, as it has affected my body and emotions in ways I would not think. I did not know that such a small organ could cause so many problems. But experiencing God’s goodness and faithfulness in the midst of this journey has been an anchor of joy. This doctor has been a blessing to me, and it has made the journey easier. She has been very generous as well, not charging me at times about certain services, and that has helped with the expenses as well. We have the state insurance but due to the corruption in Albania, it doesn’t help  me at all. I start with the public hospital and end up at the private system due to lack of proper care and treatment. It is a very sad and heavy reality that many Albanians are dealing with on daily basis. The week with Emma at the state hospital was such a heavy experience, I returned home with a heavy burden a groaning desire for the Gospel of Christ to redeem my country.

If you would pray for Albania regularly please pray for the medical system, pray that God will redeem us from corruption and that the fear of the Lord will awake the hearts of many doctors.

As about my health, there are times when I feel as an occupated land and I yearn for freedom and deliverance, and yet experiencing God’s care in the midst of this earthly battle has brought lots of comfort and release. I am praying for full recovery and restoration, but while I wait on the Lord for that, I am reminded constantly of his promisse that it is in my weakness that His strength is made perfect in me, and that I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me.

Thank you again for your love and care. My current challenge is dental area that is greatly affected by the thyroids. God is His mercy and care has brought recently a great dentist in our neighborhood. Our neighborhood is considered undeveloped even though it is in a very beautiful location of the city, there are few bussiness here. Having this good dental clinic at this time when I need it, makes me feel favored by God. My kids would joke with me at times, when I bragg : God sent this or that for me 🙂

But yes, I will brag about the goodness and faithfulness of the Lord, because He has been so good to me and He deserves all the praise!


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