How someone raised in Communism came to Christ

“I want to tell you of a 17-year-old lady, in Albania, in 1992. The country had just opened from Communism. After 45 years of claiming there is no God, the government is saying they are free to believe in God. Where will she search for this God? How will she find him? Who will tell her about Him? And in the multitude of options and “ways” to go to God, how will she discern the truth? She got the first piece of her journey: her grandfathers were Muslims. Thus she finds a Kuran. Then out of “coincidence”, she receives a letter from England. In this letter, they tell her about Jesus, and how he changed lives. She reads about someone in prison who found hope and restoration in Jesus than someone in the hospital bed dying of cancer being healed. Stories she never heard before. She receives a new testament in English by mail and there alone in her room she prays to ask Jesus to be her Savior. There is no evangelist to explain to her more, to befriend her, or show her the love of God. But she has been drawn to this Jesus she reads about in the Gospel. The Jesus that talked to Nathanael that he saw under the tree. This young lady today is 47 years old, and God has called for a ministry to reach nations. This lady is the one writing this letter. It is me, Rudina. ”

I tell this story because when we share with people about the digital opportunities and strategies we have, they look in disbelief. It does not sound real. But just as I was introduced to Christ through mail 25 years ago, there are many people who are reached for Christ in the digital space. Their salvation story is as real as mine. We have shared in the past about young people like Ermira or Erjon who came to Christ through the online strategies we explored in Tirana, Albania. And there were many people who heard about Jesus during this year through the digital efforts.


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