Ema’s trip to Montenegro

Ema’s trip to Montenegro was not her first missionary trip. As a family, we were involved in missions in Sept 2019 in Thessaloniki Greece. She has been involved in summer camps and we have as a family drove several times through Montenegro when we served in Eastern Europe and Russia. The project that Ema took part in this time in Montenegro was a pioneering work to start the ministry among high school students. It seems as if she is following her parent’s marks. They met high school students and invited them to a special Easter program. Even though not many showed up, she was deeply impressed by their friendliness and openness.

When she returned I asked her about what impressed her heart, and I was deeply touched that she had a burden for the CRU team serving there. She saw the need for more workers. A highlight for us among others was that she served with the team whom we have helped in the previous years to reach young people in the digital space.


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