Transformational change

It has been a year of transitions. Transitioning to a new role and just recently transitioning to a new home and a new neighborhood. This last one is still in progress.

I have never liked change. I grew up in a family that had been living generation after generation in the same building. My parents do not like change either. When my parents come to visit me in Tirana, which is 2 hours from where they live, they will not stay overnight. And the reason is they like the comfort of their own house and they do not like change. So, this is how I grew up.

The first radical change I experienced was when I became a believer. That change was way too big. It was like entering a new, big house, where everything is ready for you… and you are invited to sit in the presence of a King, who treats you as a friend.

That was transformational change.

I liked that change!

From that time on, I would say I have looked forward to these transformative change experiences. I do not like to change just for the sake of change, but I do want to experience transformation.

God has designed change to be a process, not an event. Getting to the next level does not happen quickly. Successful transition takes time.

One passage that I read recently from Deuteronomy 7:22 says: “The Lord your God will drive out those nations before you, little by little. You will not be allowed to eliminate them all at once, or the wild animals will multiply around you” (NIV).

The context here is that Israel is moving toward the Promised Land. And to move there, they had to go through different enemies that were larger and stronger than they were. This caused them to be very nervous and afraid.

What was God’s plan?

Basically, one step at a time, “little by little.”

The Israelites could not expect God to reach down from heaven, wipe out their enemies in one mighty sweep of His hand and give them a clear path to the Promised Land. No, in His wisdom, God knew they needed to fight for the land, because when they arrived in it, they would need the strength and confidence they had gained through having to overcome along the way.

At the beginning of this year, I asked God to make this transition as quick as possible, so that I would quickly adjust to the new things in our lives. And God could have done it, but in most cases, it looks like he is choosing to do it little by little… because He is using the transition to grow me in the strength and confidence that is necessary for my new role. I would call this a transformational change. And I am glad for it!

I am curious to know, what has been a transformational change you experienced this year?


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