Summer 2015

You can tell our summer by the grade of our tanning 🙂 At least this is how Albanians can tell if you had a good summer. This year though we had a very hot summer like never before, which kept us more inside till late afternoon when temperatures would drop down and we could enjoy the neighborhood outdoor. Lot of kids, running, hiding and seek and new friends. Few days at the beach at the end of summer (Rudina could not handle the high temperatures), a special party for Tea’s 10th birthday, visiting grandparents both in Shkoder and Fier, having guests and relatives, growing in team working as we painted and decluttered. This was our summer.

School started 2 weeks ago. Emma, Tea and Joel will again go to the Christian School, which has been another challenge to trust God to bless and provide one year at a time. Emma is stretched by starting to study physics, while enjoying intro to Biology. Joel started with Greek language and Tea with history. Kejdis will help with science part and I will help with the language/literature, history & geography (let me tell you a secret, I loved math and chemistry at school more than geography and history, but as a teacher of literature, I took the commitment to help kids even with these two :)) Baking is a new phase which we are enjoying as Emma and Tea are growing and they love to cook and bake. Even now as I write this they just prepared some sugar cookies, which are ready to go in the oven 🙂

Prayer request: besides doing great at school, they are trusting God as they are inviting their friends and neighborhood kids at the kids Sunday school. This past Sunday we had Hannah, Emma’s classmates who came with us. She said she enjoyed a lot and will return next Sunday.



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