High accountability and low control are keys to ministry success

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It is interesting to me that we often get a key value wrong in ministry. In most organizations there is an ethos of high control and low accountability when in reality the opposite should be true. People don’t like to be controlled! At the same time they should be accountable but we often don’t hold one another to that, especially in ministry situations. High accountability and low control are keys to ministry success!

High accountability speaks to the value that the quality of our work matters. In ministry circles there is often the thought that all that matters is that I am faithful. I disagree! We also need to be thoughtful, strategic, focused and have a plan that makes sense. That is where high accountability comes in. We often forget that we are engaged in matters that impact people for eternity  and that matters a lot.

But, the second half of this value is that we need to release people to do what they need to do in a healthy way, meaning that we are not going to control them. How I do things is how I do them. How you do things is consistent with how God wired you. We are not the same and you may well have a better way of accomplishing your tasks than I would. Thus we need to exercise low control and allow people to do what they need to do in a way that works for them. Obviously this means that they are keeping the values of the organization in mind as well.

As you think about how you supervise ask yourself whether you exercise low control coupled with high accountability. It makes a great difference and we often get the two turned around.

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