Ari’s story

Ari was one of the guys that accepted Christ. Ari is a student who has been part of the Alpha group for several months, but he has not yet made a decision for Christ. At the baptism service, I noticed that when we were praying he stepped behind in a way to distance himself from the group of believers. I asked him about his faith, where he stood etc. The conversation was very friendly and honest.

He shared how he was not sure yet, coming from a Muslim background he felt urged to study well both Quran and the Bible and make an informed decision about Christ. He then said that the Alpha course sessions had helped him a lot toward knowing Jesus better. I encouraged Ari to take into consideration the urgency of this decision as we were not promised our tomorrow. What we had was a present.

I shared my testimony of how I wandered in my search for God for two years and accepted Jesus on the day of trouble as my life was put in danger and I did not know if I would survive or die. That day I recalled Bible verses I had read on a flyer handed to me on the street, to which I had paid no attention. God did a miracle in my life that day and as I lay in bed alive and safe I surrendered my life to Jesus by saying: Jesus you have saved my life today. YOu gave me a second chance. My life is yours from now on. Do with me what pleases you”. Two years later God called me to the mission.


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